Respond to the following:


Trending Now” Watch the video below and then respond to
the questions that follow:[streamerType]=auto

Go to Google Trends at and search for one
of your favorite brands as well as two or three of its competitors.

· Analyze the
trends that you observed with each company. To what could you attribute the
increases or decreases in each company’s trend(s)?

· What
recommendations would you give to the brand managers of your favorite brand to
increase the trend line for the future?


“Marketing Strategy” Please respond to the following:

· * From the
scenario, suggest two (2) marketing strategy options that Golds Reling, Inc.
could implement. Next, select the option that you believe will be most
effective for the new product launch. Justify your response.

· Imagine that
you are about to launch a social networking site. Determine the target market
to which your social media site will cater. Recommend a marketing strategy to
entice your chosen target market to join your site. Determine the approach you
will use to measure success. Provide a rationale for your response.

In these scenarios we will be helping a new intern at the
electronics company Golds Reling, Inc. as she works with the marketing team to
launch a new product.

The Scenario covers the following topics:

· Creating
Future Marketing Strategies and Plans for Sustainability of the New Product