Big Green Egg Launch

In 1500 word Research Paper/ Business Plan with Type 1 and 2
Headings to separate the paragraphs, references, and in text citations in 6th
edition, APA format

Plan a realistic market launch of the Big Green Egg, from
introduction through stabilization of operations. “Launch” applies to
the target market where you want to sell your product. A link to the website is to ensure you use the right product.

The paper has to address the following:

1. The
rationale for choosing the target market of Italy

2. The
rationale for choosing Italy as the country where your product will be made,
including a brief background of the industry in the market, as well as

3. The
strategy you will employ to launch the Big Green Egg; it has to include the
entry decisions that have to be made and intended mode of entry.

4. The
organizational structure you selected to support the launch.

5. The
Sales, marketing, logistics, cultural, and political aspects.

6. The
Financial management considerations for the launch, including foreign
currencies, tariffs, and overall foreign market exchange considerations.

7. Develop
an Excel spreadsheet with notional values for the anticipated cash flows
(expenses and income) with the resulting bottom line (profit or loss) for each