Because of the rapid growth of your technology organization, the executive team has asked HR to develop an internal training program. The purpose of the program is to help employees recently promoted to supervisory positions develop the leadership skill sets they need to be successful as supervisors. This will be the first formal training program for the organization. As part of the process, you want to consider the learning styles of the new supervisors.

Individually, respond to the following questions:

What training techniques should be implemented to meet the needs of the varied learning styles and maximize the learning potential of the participants?

Identify the content topics that you will recommend be included in the program to ensure the development of successful leaders.

Some things to consider: How can you encourage participation? How can you promote effective communication? What about the different types of learning styles: e-learning, simulations, coaching, mentoring, etc.? What makes a successful leader? How does a successful leader delegate, motivate, encourage, inspire, form relationships?