CIS115 Unit 2 In-Seat Activity: The Features Of Word

Word has many great features, but these features can also be a downfall for many people. Meaning there are so many different options that without a plan, individuals can end up spending un-necessary amount of time altering a document. To avoid this, you should start with a plan, identify your target audience and define the purpose of the document. Your target audience might be defined by age, demographics, and motivation. To complete this activity, review the scenario below and then develop an answer regarding the features of Word that could be used to capture the attention of your target audience. Scenario Hoelzer’s Cakes and Pastries has asked you to develop a newsletter layout using Word 2016. The owners of the bakery want to use the newsletter to promote their brand. Barbara began making cakes in her home for friends and family but as word spread, she was encouraged to open her own bakery. William and Barbara have been in business for 25 years and are loved by the community. The bakery is known for their traditional German influenced delicacies and for their ability to develop custom wedding cakes for that dream wedding. Most of the customers that have their wedding cakes made by the bakery are considered young professional in their late 20s.

1. What are five features of Word 2016 you would use to capture the attention of the target audience? Defend your decisions. Response Format

• Support your answers with at least one credible source. Please use the ECPI Online Library, and your textbook to conduct your research.

• Use in-text citations and a reference list in your responses using APA format.

• Your response should demonstrate critical thinking and provide justification.