Comprehensive Report on Global Staffing Strategies

You are the Director of Human Resources for a company whose
revised strategy has resulted in the acquisition of another company in a
foreign market. The CEO has asked you to prepare a comprehensive staffing strategy
for the newly expanded company in preparation for a strategic audit of the HR
systems in the acquired company.

a. Identify
the type of industry within which your company operates.( I would like to use
the nuclear power industry if possible.) Also, identify the country into which
you are expanding (Any country would be fine). You will want to use the EIU
Viewswire Database in the University Library.

b. What HR
challenges may arise as a result of this acquisition? What unique cultural and
regulatory factors (e.g. EEOC) do you need to consider? How will they impact
organizational effectiveness?

c. What
recruitment and selection practices will be used in staffing the newly acquired
company? What mix of expatriates and internationals do you expect? How will you
determine which skills and abilities are needed? Once those skills and
abilities are determined, what training and development practices will be used?

d. Anticipate
a few possible audit results. What changes in the current organizational
structure may be required to achieve the revised strategy in light of these
potential outcomes?