Economics of Countries

A. Country X have the disaster in the country destroying
half of manufacturing and territory but this country does the finance for many
countries in this world, country X is a world leading Economy with Trillion.

– How the
government improve the country and what will happen (affect) with the country’s
GDP in a few year?

B. Country Z has the largest economy which produce low price
and low quality and what if country Z become world trade currency

3% GDP

– What will happen with the GDP if they become world trade

– How can another countries acquire this currency?

– If not the world currency but gold micro-gram the medium
international trade?

C. What is Impact of GDP, inflation, unemployment and
recession, can the government do anything to help to restore economic growth?

D. Two countries, one is yours other one is socialism. Which
system will you pick and why? How the two economics will perform and develop?
What is the absolute power in terms of economic management?