O’Keefe, Daniel J. (2016). Persuasion: Theory and research(3rd Ed). Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

  1. Define “persuasion.” Identify and explain the key elements of the persuasive process the definition identifies. Finally, discuss what persuasion is and what it isn’t?

  2. Compare and contrast Fisher’s Narrative Theory with Aristotle’s Theory of persuasion. (A good comparison and contrast will involve a complete explication of each theory.)

  3. Identify and explain the tactics of intensification and downplay as suggested by Rank’s model of persuasion.

  4. Michael Hogan argues in “Persuasion in the Rhetorical Tradition” that we have a “pressing need to revive the spirit of the classical tradition.” Why does he claim this and what does he suggest we can do to accomplish it?

  5. Explain how message content, structure, and style impact persuasion.

  6. Explain in as much detail as possible the three behavioral outcomes of persuasion.