Discussion 1

At the center of every business is generally a mission statement. The mission statement is usually seen as the driving force of the business. It is important to understand that a mission statement is different than a slogan. Mission statements are usually written by owners or high-level executives. You will also see mission statements written by others that have a vested interest in the company such as the board of directors, employees and even customers. The mission statement will explain the reason for the organization’s existence and provide what the company wants to accomplish. Click here to view many sample mission statements from different areas of business.

After reviewing several mission statements, you may have liked some more than others. Consider the following as a mission statement:

“Above and beyond customer satisfaction”

For this assignment, discuss the following:

In your opinion, is this an effective mission statement? Why or why not?

Would this mission statement be sufficient for any company? Explain your reasoning.

Who should the intended audience for a mission statement be? Why is this important?

From what you have learned about mission statements, what do you feel is the most important attribute of a successful mission statement? Why do you think this?