7) Each year since winning control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 election, Tea Party Republicans have argued that we need to immediately initiate sharp reductions in government spending and entitlement programs and rapidly move towards a balanced budget, (although they have never actually produced a budget proposal in which tax revenues would match government spending plus entitlement transfers). Many Democrats, while arguing that tax rate increases on high income earners need to be part of the any deficit reduction program, have agreed that we need to initiate budget deficit reduction now. Under the current Trump Administration, there is a widespread discussion going on in the US Congress to find their ways to avoid any possible govt shut down mainly attributed to on-going crisis of the budget deficit and accumulated public debt of almost $19 Trillion.

A) What is the argument against attempting to balance the Federal Government budget rapidly at the present time via either deep cuts in Federal Government spending or sharp increases in federal income tax rates? 4pts

B) Does this argument imply that budget deficits don’t matter in the long run? If not, why might the impact of large deficits predicted in the long run under current tax and spending programs be different than the impact today? Explain. 4pts.