Global Business

1. What are
the political risks for the countries in Japan? How will my understanding of
the cultures of these countries help (or hinder) me from understanding and
responding appropriately to these risks?

2. How
effectively should someone negotiate with his or her peers in other countries?
What do he or she needs to do to be more effective?

3. How does
one’s cultural background and sensitivity influence the degree to which he/she
can appropriately identify the political risks in establishing a business in a
new country? Explain.

4. What
kinds of negotiations does financial institutions conduct within the
organization? How are these negotiations similar to (or different from)
negotiations with other organizations?

5. If a
company new to the international arena were negotiating an agreement with a
potential partner in another country, what basic steps should it be prepared to
implement? Identify and describe them, including an explanation of why these
steps are important.