Global Management – National Culture

1. Is it
possible to understand and discuss organization culture without understanding
the national culture in which the organization operates? Why or why not?

2. What are
some of the key challenges involved in creating cooperation within the
organization in which you work? How are these challenges affected by
differences in national cultures?

3. What key
skills do managers in international organizations need in order to lead their
organizations successfully? Why?

4. What are
a few well-known overseas projects, mergers, or acquisitions that flopped due
to cultural differences? What were several cultural issues that created
problems? What could the parties involved have done to overcome the cultural
challenges that arose?

5. Describe
some of the key aspects of your company’s organizational values. Assess the
degree to which the espoused values of the company match its enacted values,
giving specific examples to support your conclusions. If your country were to
expand overseas, what approaches do you believe it would use to assimilate the
new employees to its existing organizational culture? Would it even be possible
to assimilate them?