-I am choosing the character Geraldine in the poem


This term we’re exploring the 19th century, and the social
upheaval arose from the intersections of global exploration (and oppression),
romanticism (and the value of the individual), and the impact of
industrialization and scientific approaches to all aspects of life. In
particular, we begin with political and philosophical ideas shaping the
Victorian world and the ways culture could be explored and articulated in
Gothic literature.

Your first assignment this term is meant to be fun, but also
offer us all a way to connect with an individual character (or key cultural or
historical figure) whom you envision as critical to understand and visualize.


Create a character sketch (a description and depiction) of
any of the characters/authors/culture-shapers we’ve met in any reading on the
syllabus Weeks 1-2.

To do this, use Animoto to piece together a multi-med
collage of photos, text, and music that give us a chance to imagine with you
who this character/individual is and what its important to know and understand.
What makes them tick? What shapes them? What nuances might you make visible?

Perhaps you’ll stick to painting, drawings, or book
illustrations. Or perhaps, in the case of a fictional character, combine these
with photos of the star you’d cast in the role. It’s possible that for authors
and other cultural icons who lived real lives, you may be able to dig up

Maybe you’ll discover a modern play or film adaptation you
find perfectly cast and bring that image/sketch of the character forward in
some way. It’s up to you.

Animoto is by far the easiest way to create this character
sketch, but certainly not the only way. Storybird and AdobeSpark are other
options you might prefer to use for this assignment.

See classmate example