Topic impact of domestic viloence in canada

1. Introduction – establish your topic. Expand on the context, the problem that gives rise to your topic, referring to your community partner’s input and available literature describing the problem. If you have already done that in your first assignment, simply expand on or refine that. Mention your thesis/claim/objectiveand include method(s) you’ll be using to collect data as well as the kind of analysis you plan to use with your research data. These will be expanded on later in the draft

2. Provide a road map for the reader, i.e. how will the paper be structured in order to make your argument. What will the first section be about, the second section and so on. If you have developed research tools, consent forms or any additional materials, attach these as additional materials in an Appendix.

3. Review of literature/theoretical paradigms – Synthesize the way in which other scholars have already written about your topic, providing 

a) a critique (shortcomings and strengths) of each and b) what gaps in literature you want to fill with your research. How wide you cast your net depends on how much has been written already. For instance, you may find that not much has been written specifically on your exact topic in which case you can synthesize the main elements of whatever has been written on your topic or related or relevant topics. On the other hand, if a considerable amount of work already exists on your topic, you may wish to focus only on what is specifically related/relevant to your topic or even more narrowly on your topic from your theoretical paradigm.

What is your response/thesis/claim with regard to the topic and the review of literature? Include your research paradigm(s), i.e. are there some frameworks, theories and concepts used by certain authors that are particularly useful to your argument?