Innovations, Teams and Marketing

1. What are the different challenge to expect in the set-up
operating, and sustaining (or closure) stage in managing innovation networks?
Give an example of a product or program and the challenges it faced in one of
these three areas.

2. Explain the differences between functional teams and
cross-functional teams. In the research note 9.1 on page 406, what did the
study determine about the effectiveness of cross-functional teams?

3. Give an example of a consumer market survey in which the
company was able to obtain information to successfully launch a new product. Is
there a best way to identify niches? Explain.

4. Explain the importance of brainstorming. What are the
three most important approaches to brainstorming? Explain a situation in which
brainstorming could achieve innovative results

5. What are the key components of a business plan? Why are
they important?

6. What are some of the most important factors that affect
adoption? Why is it important to consider individual characteristics when introducing
an innovation?