International Management Prospective for Renmin University

Discuss Renmin University which is located in Beijing China
. The topics that should be addressed pertained only to the following;

Research Project work Overview

1.Compare and contrast cultural differences for students
entering Renmin University from other regions of the world?

2. What Challenges do you foresee in terms of management and
leadership due to cross-cultural differences at Renmin Universtiy?

3.What are your recommendations to manage these challenges
at Renmin University?

4. What strategy for going global at Renmin University would
work for China?

Question for your research: What is the strategy to make
Renmin University Global and make it work to China’s benefit?

5.What form of business for going global would work for

Question for reseach, What form could be adopted by Renmin

6. Management in China

Question for research: What approach could be adopted by
Renmin University in managing its employees?

7. Staffing the MNC in the international Location

Question for your research; How is staffing done in Renmin

Answers should discuss economic, societal, political, and
cultural factors?