Add a response to the following in your Final Draft:

Kevin goes to clean out his locker and return his apron and gate pass so that he may receive his final paycheck. As he goes to his locker, he sees that someone has written on his locker in black pen, in capital letters: G. A.Y. Written under each of the corresponding capital letters is “got, AIDS, yet?” He is, of course, angered but not surprised. He opens his locker and finds that a pamphlet had been inserted through the locker’s small vent opening. It is a religious pamphlet advertising an exgay ministry that says, “God loves a sinner. You can change and live a righteous life and avoid the flames of hell.” It lists a phone number and goes on to say that homosexuality is the work of the devil and is a sin against God.

Address the following questions and add these to your original draft. The length of this portion should be 300–500 words. Include 2 more research sources. Your final submission should contain at least 5 scholarly sources.

  • What should Kevin do if anything in this situation?
  • In what ways do culture and religion play into this scenario?
  • Why is there so much attention paid to Kevin and his personal life? Why does he stand out, and why is this a problem?
  • Are there any parallels or connections with Kevin’s situation and other minority groups?