Learning Styles

Please write a two page report on the following activities and questions.

1. Begin by taking the brief “VARK Questionnaire” on learning. It is available at: http://vark-learn.com/the-vark-questionnaire/. On the home screen, click “Questionnaire” and take the “How Do I Learn” questionnaire. Explain the results of your questionnaire in a paragraph or two. How might you use this information to assist yourself in the learning process? What types of learning experiences would best serve a visual learner? An aural learner? Someone who learns best by doing? Someone who learns best by reading and writing.

2. Review the material on learning styles presented earlier (from David Kolb). In your opinion, which of the four learning styles best describes you? Explain. Write your thoughts. Then compare what you found here with the results of your VARK Questionnaire. What can you learn from this about your learning style?

3. Discuss the subject of individual learning styles with a small group of your peers. If you are able to meet for an hour or so with friends from school or with family members, that would be fine. Otherwise, conduct your discussion via email with a small group of friends. Start out the discussion by describing the learning styles from your reading. Give the group clues about your own learning style – from question #1 and #2 above. What reactions do your friends have? What thoughts do they have about their own learning styles? What sort of implications do you all think there may be for group work when group members have different learning styles? How might this carry over to each person’s workplace?

APA required with refrences

2 Page in length

Make sure to answer all of the questions being asked.