Week 2 forum

Try Out Your Skills

Pick one of the problems in the attached file (at end of
this message). Solve it using a system of linear equations, showing details of
how you set up your equations and the steps that you went through for the
solution. You must use one of the methods in your Unit 2 Lesson (Addition/Subtraction,
Substitution, Graphical Method) in order to get credit for this forum so you
may want to complete your reading assignment before you attempt your post. See the attached file with a sample of a
worked problem.

If you need assistance, please ask for assistance from me or
from one of your fellow students. The problem must be solved using one of our
accepted methods – substitution, elimination or graphically. When you have
solved the problem, post your complete solution.

Instructions: Please
make the title for your post the problem number so that other people can tell
at a glance which problems have been done. Only the first person to post a
solution will get credit for the problem, so be sure that you are not duplicating
another classmate’s work.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please
respond to at least 2 other students. Your responses may be to assist your
fellow student with their problem (although you should refrain from solving the
entire problem for them) or to show an alternative method that could be used to
solve the problem. An acceptable response may also be to ask for further
clarification on any part of their solution. Other acceptable responses would
be to pose situations where you could use this methodology for real-world
problems so that a discussion may develop about the value/applicability of this
methodology to the situation. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and
may include direct questions.