Describe the political / financial background of COSTA RICA, including relevant historical events.

Also What kind of government does it have? I need to understand what is their political stability?

Can you help me see if it Is open for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? Has the currency been relatively stable?

How do you analyze the general demographics? Help me Identify the ethnic groups; the languages spoken; the population demographic breakdown by age and gender. What is the population growth rate? What are the major urban areas and their population sizes? Examine the employment figures. Identify the education attainment; employment; unemployment; and labor force size. Explain the current state of the economy. What is the GDP and the GDP per capita using Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)? Identify the inflation rate and current exchange rate. Examine the major industries and transportation data. Identify any major imports, exports, and trade restrictions. Identify three (3) major direct competitors you will be competing against. Describe how your firm will be positioned against them.