Module 5: Ethics

Compare and contrast at least two of the articles you read. In what ways are they similar? In what ways are they different? What did you learn from reading the articles you compare? Be specific.

  • Name a potential social work ethical dilemma that may arise in practice. What steps would you take to resolve that dilemma? Be detailed and specific in your answer. Address the following:
    • What are the issues that may create a dilemma?
    • Who/what is your client?
    • How might this impact your client’s self determination? In what ways?
    • Under what circumstances would you consult your supervisor? What would you share with your supervisor?
  • Examine your personal value system. List at least three personal values that are the most important to you. Why? How might these be aligned or “at odds” with the core values in social work? Name three social work values that potentially align or do not align with your personal values. Why? How might this impact your ability to provide services?
  • In your two response posts, give your peers constructive feedback about their perspective. What other ideas do you have regarding their perspective? Does their perspective help to explain the issue that they picked? Do you agree or disagree with their perspective? Why or why not?