Module 6 Assignment 11

Develop Mitigation Actions

Select a community of your choice and develop at least a dozen mitigation actions for the potential natural hazards this community may experience. You must include at least one mitigation action for each of the mitigation action categories: local plans and regulations, structure and infrastructure projects, natural systems protection and education and awareness programs. Each action should include the following components:

1. A brief description of the action (including which category the action belongs in and which location(s) in the town will benefit).

2. Which hazard(s) the action is intended to mitigate.

3. An estimated cost for the mitigation action.

4. What is the target audience for the mitigation action.

Format. Papers should be formatted according to the following:

•Times new roman.

•12 point font.

•1.5 spacing.

•2 pages.

Citing Sources:

•Sources should be cited properly using the APA style..

•See the “Writing Assistance” tab on the main menu for resources on how to properly cite your sources..