Nuclear power vs. coal power

Since the late 1970s, utilities in selected countries such
as the US have generally not added nuclear power generation capabilities to
their generation mix. However, over the past decade, utilities have begun to
recognize the benefits that nuclear power generation offers—despite the obvious
risks. Orders for nuclear power plants at manufacturing firms such as
Westinghouse Nuclear and Areva are now at an all-time high. Coal-generation
electricity sources have largely been the choice of most utilities since the
nuclear power debacle of the 1970s.

Perform a critical assessment for, and adoption or rejection
of, nuclear power or coal-fired power generation as part of your power
generation options. List the pros and the cons of each. Weigh these pros and
cons. Make a choice as to which of these two options should be added to a
utility system based on a consideration of these factors (including
environmental) and defend that choice.