Organizational Culture at Wal-Mart

What is it about Wal-Mart organizational culture that would
be appealing to someone?

·What values would Wal-Mart share with someone?

·Which of the seven primary characteristics of
organizational culture does Wal-Mart embody? (Innovation and risk taking,
Attention to detail, Outcome orientation, People orientation, Team orientation,
Aggressiveness, Stability)

·Does Wal-Mart identified as having a strong or weak
culture? Explain

·Is this culture ethical, customer-responsive, or spiritual?

·What do customers want and need (values) from Wal-Mart

Imagine you have been hired as the Client Services Director
for Wal-Mart and have been charged with compiling a new set of customer service
standards. (If you have already defined the organization as being
customer-responsive, imagine you are devising the standards, which were
originally used to create that excellent customer-responsive culture).
Structure a set of customer service standards for the company, which encourage
employees to provide the best customer service possible.