Subject on any Organizational Culture

1. Discuss an organizational culture that is admired and
describe the following:

? What about the organization’s culture is appealing?

? What values does the organization share with people in

? Which of the seven primary characteristics of
organizational culture does the organization embody?

? Does the organization identified have a strong or weak
culture? Explain.

? Is this culture ethical, customer-responsive, or

2. Create a description on the organizations customers on
what they want and need from the organization.

The description of the organization’s customer base, and
describe its customers’ needs and values.

Imagine you have been hired as the Client Services Director
for the company discussed above, have been charged with compiling a new set of
customer service standards. (If you have already defined the organization as
being customer-responsive, imagine you are devising the standards which were
originally used to create that excellent customer-responsive culture).,
carefully structure a set of customer service standards for the company which
encourage employees to provide the best customer service possible.