Origins of Multicultural Literature

Multicultural literature did not appear overnight. Its roots can be traced back to many writers working prior to the War of Independence and formation of the United States of America. This week focuses on contemporary Native American writers as well as writers associated with the origins of the Civil Rights Movement as way of introduction to this rich body of literature.

Your assignment focuses on the origins of multicultural literature.

Write a 350 word essay on the origins of multicultural literature and include the following in your essay:

A description of the origins of multicultural literature as a historical development.

A description of the contributions of contemporary Native American writers to multicultural literature.

A brief biography of the author:Langston Hughes

A description of one of the author’s literary works; what is the subject?

An explanation as to why his work in general is considered foundational to the development of multicultural literature; specifically, discuss how his work explores themes of social justice.