For Section 1, please write a well-developed, thoughtful paragraph or two in response to one of the following two questions. Write your entry in the textbox below, or browse your computer to attach a Word document.

1. A new worldview label has popped up in philosophy, theology and psychology. It’s called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism,and it refers to people who claim to be part of a religion but who are really just using the IDEA of God as a moral system and a therapeutic system of self help. They may go to worship, or pray when they’re in trouble, and follow the moral rules, but they really have no RELATIONSHIP with God and often no use for God unless life hands them a crisis. They treat God as an idea, instead of as a Person. Look at your culture and react to this idea.

2. Dr. Rachels presumes that if a perfect God made this world, then the world should be better than it is–that we would not find so much ugliness, hatred, discord, and selfishness as we do. The opposite has also been proposed–that if the world was a cosmic accident, then we would not find as much beauty, love, unity, and compassion as we do. How might we reconcile the world as it is with the existence of a benevolent Creator?