“Pricing Products and Distribution Channels”

· * From the
scenario, evaluate the capacity of the most common distribution channels
available for the new product launch to provide consumers with easier access to
the product. Speculate on the extent to which Golds Reling, Inc. could use each
channel to meet profit goals. Choose the most beneficial distribution
strategies, and suggest two (2) ways in which this selection could potentially
affect consumer adoption of the new product. Provide a rationale for your

· Imagine that
you are a manager at a brick and mortar store that has an online storefront as
an additional source of revenue. The company has tasked you with creating ideas
to improve logistics in order to increase profitability. Upload a short (one to
two [1-2] minute) to share your ideas Note: Your video must be professional and
of academic quality.


“Hit Your Mark With Matched Messaging” Watch the
video below and then respond to the questions that follow:


Develop a brief IMC for the company or product you are
working on in your assignments.

· First, tell
us about your company or product. What is your unique selling proposition? How
do you distinguish your product or company from your competitors?

· Now, think
about how to communicate this information using the AIDA principle. Describe
your ad and promotion.

· How would
you vary your ad for different media platforms? How would you vary the schedule
to air it for maximum coverage with minimal expense?


“The Importance of Social Media and Web
Analytics” Please respond to the

· * From the
scenario, prioritize the most significant components of a social media campaign
according to the level of influence each could have on the new product launch.
Examine both the social media tools that will provide the highest return on
investment (ROI), and two (2) key performance indicators (KPIs) that one could
use to measure success. Provide a rationale for your response.

· Use the
Internet to research social media marketing strategies. Next, imagine that you
are a manager of a retail store in a major mall with decreasing sales. Suggest
two (2) ways that you can use social media in order to increase sales and
promote your business. Provide two (2) examples of businesses that have used
these methods and succeeded.