you will be researching a teratogen, or harmful environmental agent for a fetus, and reporting your findings for the class. I’ve assigned you each a teratogen below (you are listed with another student researching the same topic, but will work independently):

Juakena; Ashley: Alcohol

Tabatha; Emerald: Caffeine

Diana; Thomas: Nicotine

Brittany D.; Sara: Cocaine

Brittany F.; Anthony: Zofran

Alexandra; Cameo: Accutane

Jacob; Robert: Marijuana

Taneika; Jeannine: Radiation

Yoko; Dominique: Infection (e.g., rubella, influenza, varicella, others if you’d like to research a particular one not listed)

Linda; Kharlkneeke: Toxoplasmosis

Erika; Abokar: Listeria

Dennis; Karyna: the Zika virus

Richa; Swati: Lithium

Nancy; Frederic: Lack of folic acid

Jasmine: Mercury

Seth: Lead

Katelyn; Jennifer: Pesticides

Please research your teratogen, using any available, reliable resource (Wikipedia and the like may be good starts, but may not have enough information), on the following:

  • basic information about the teratogen
  • how expectant moms may be exposed to the teratogen
  • what the effects of the teratogen may be on fetus and mom (including any risk likelihoods, such as 47% of babies show this outcome…)
  • any effects use of the teratogen may have on labor and childbirth
  • withdrawal issues for fetus
  • recommended approach for expectant moms using this teratogen