1. Share three of your best questions to include on your
biopsychosocial form. Consider the
following sections: presenting problem,
history of problem, developmental/medical history, family history,
educational/social history, special considerations, mental status and client’s
strengths, clinical findings, diagnostic impressions, and tentative treatment

Share two websites that aid in developing questions. Discuss what is limiting about the
websites/handouts and needs to be added.

2. Watch this video:

What are your thoughts about what the experts shared? What points do you find most important when
considering interventions? With which points did you disagree? How do you take
this information and integrate it in a treatment plan? Describe specific interventions.

3. Genograms: Share
websites, information, etc. about how to develop a genogram. Share what you found helpful about the
website or handout. Discuss some of the
traits you plan to track on the genogram.