System and Structure Analysis

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1. Introduction & Background- Write an overview of the
organization including the types of services and/or goods produced and the
industry in which it operates. Give a brief history of the organization, where
it is located, when the organization was founded and major events in its
history. Remember that any information you retrieve from an outside source,
whether paper or electronic, must be cited in APA format.

2. Trends in the Industry- Discuss the industry in which the
organization operates. Include significant recent trends in the industry or
environmental factors that have affected your organization (such as higher fuel
prices for a trucking firm). Potential factors include government regulation,
new competitors, substitute products or new technologies.

3. Structure- Provide a narrative of the departmental
structure based on the structure analysis you completed earlier in the course.
Discuss the interconnectedness of the department with other departments in the
organization. Remember to cite the sources of any charts you acquired from
other sources.

4. System of Operations- Mission Statement

Present and discuss the mission statement of the
organization in a narrative. You should quote the mission statement and cite
the source in APA format. This section should expand on the statement to
include discussion of why the organization chose this as its mission and if the
majority of employees know and believe in the organizational mission.

Goals & Objectives

Provide a narrative of the major goals of your organization
as well as the specific objectives of your department. This should include
discussion of how these goals and objectives help the organization achieve its
mission and an overall assessment of the clarity and effectiveness of such
goals and objectives.