The Price of Unethical Behavior

Your expertise would be appreciate on how to setup the
following ” Main task: Evaluate the price of unethical Behavior”
paper in which you evaluate the Tyco international case study provided in
Kaplan(2009) and Stephen et al(2009) address

the following : 

1) Briefly summarize the historical scenario
surrounding Tyco international, 

2) How do you think the spending and the loans
were able to go on for so long?, 

3) Evaluate the outcome of event., 

4) Was the
punishment justified? Why or Why not?, 

5) Is it difficult for us to see ethical
breaches we ourselves commit?

support the paper with minimum of five(5) scholarly
resources in addition to required reading; addition to other appropriate
scholarly resource, or older articles you may include. Length 5-6pages not
including title and reference pages