Unit I Assignment

Instructions: Read both Scenario #1 and also Scenario #2, and then complete the ergonomics observation reports by clearly answering the questions that have been listed within each report.

Scenario #1: Beth’s Office Setting. Beth works in an office setting for five days per week. In her cubicle, she typically uses her computer to perform her responsibilities. While Beth only stands five feet and two inches tall, the equipment at her cubicle is more suitable for a taller employee. One advantage is that she is able to adjust the height on her rolling desk chair. After performing her responsibilities at her cubicle for several years, Beth has been recently suffering from back and neck pain. As a result, Beth communicated her pain to her company and has requested an evaluation by a doctor.

Ergonomics Observation Report

The Worker

What is the worker’s name?


Male or female?



The Work Setting

Describe the work setting.

Anatomy and Physiology

What types of human systems are involved in the worker’s daily activity? Be specific.

Has the worker mentioned any pain? If yes, explain.

What are the potential cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) or musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)?


How would you describe the fit of the work activity and setting? Be sure to mention how the human body fits.


How would you describe the enjoyment of the work activity and setting? Be sure to mention how the human body impacts enjoyment.

Personnel’s Input for Design

To involve personnel in the design, what types of questions would you ask the worker to improve the ergonomics of the work environment? (include at least five questions)