Global Questions

1. What are some best practices for managing integration and
responsiveness? Why are flexibility and adaptability important for
transnational organizations?

2. Why is the ongoing development of transnational
organizations important? How might a transnational organization create and maintain
global competitive advantage while adhering to its core values?

3. How might one recognize the appropriate entry mode for
business market entry? If an appropriate entry mode is not recognized, how
might it affect the transnational organization?

4. I have always wondered if low price is always the way to
greater profitability as you seem to suggest. Any thoughts here? Do low prices
always lead to greater profitability?

5. Catering to the local market works well when there are
cultural or taste differences. On the other hand a globalized product can be
provided in many cases. One example I use often is a #8 wood screw. This is a
product that is the same around the world. Even threaded screws are similar
with their being only metric and English measurements defining the two
different versions.

Can you folks identify other products that are significantly
global in nature?

6. I am a strong supporter of localization of products when
cultural of market conditions demand. There is time when a company could well
fail if they did not localize. One of my favorite examples is McDonalds.
McDonalds in China is similar to McDonalds but the Asian diet is not too
accommodating to heavy doses of red meat. The burgers there tend to have
heavier soy content.

Now that I have you thinking about McDonalds, do you thing a
Big Mac would sell well in India? Why or why not?