Assignment: Cubism and its Context Please answer the following in four or more sentences. You must reference a page number from the text (e.g. “p. 12) or indicate the video (e.g. “Haussmann video”) you are drawing your information from. 

1. What are strong and weak abstractions and where does Cubism fit

2. Explain the new scientific theories of the early twentieth century and how they impacted artists. 

3. What defines Picasso’s Blue Period? 

4. What defines Picasso’s Rose Period? 

5. What role did women play in the art world at the beginning of the twentieth century ? 

6. Compare Cézanne to Braque. What is the relationship between their work? 

7. What makes Analytic Cubism different from Synthetic Cubism? Give an example of each when making your points. 

8. What are the differences between collage and papier collé? 

9. How did sculpture change during this time?