Writing 2 Essay  
Each One 5 Pages
  • Essay Question 1:
  1. Name the nine geological units of Tennessee from east to west. What are the three grand divisions and their boundaries? Give the main rivers and/or tributaries that are included in the grand divisions. Where were the Native American entities located in the state before statehood and what treaties were designed to remove or open up the area for white settlement from pre-statehood to the 19th century?

Essay Question II

  1. During antebellum (1820-1860), Tennessee’s population and economy were explosive. Discuss political, social (religious and cultural), and economic factors that occurred, in Tennessee, during the period. Cite any important revenues, landmarks, and customs. What role did the state play in the reform movement of the time and who were people of interest that made the movement a success or failure? Also, give any intrastate differences that determined the growth or failure of the state during the period.